Like Medium, which reward writers for their hard toil

3 min readNov 17, 2020

In order to generate high quality content a machine needs to have some knowledge. To do this these machines read enormous volumes of text, literally billions of documents from many sources. These can include Wikipedia, mainstream news, social media, even Medium. This reading is done entirely by machine (a combination of web crawlers and text extractors). Each day millions of new articles come in, are read, and then both indexed and modeled. Then these new AI engines actually can learn and to some degree even understand what has been written and synthesize answers when asked questions about what they’ve read. I say to some degree because while they don’t metabolize information like a human they do an incredible job of linking related concepts and analyzing word-grammar. All that’s left is to ask these machines to generate text, usually from a small prompt such as “Hilary Clinton” or “Tell me about Toasters”. From there they can generate entire articles, all from their previous meetings.

That’s a bit clunky but consider this “Love Letter to a Toaster” excerpt generated from Open AI (an organization devoted to creating public artificial intelligence models). Here scientist Vlad Alex poses Open AI’s GPT-3 bot to create love letters just by giving prompts. GPT-3 is their 3rd generation AI modeling technology.
I tried a service called AI writer just to kick the tires. Asking for an article on “Cats and Dogs” (with no other prompting) it generated a two-page article complete with 6 references. For brevity here is just one paragraph.
What does automatic music mean? Its hard to say. Let’s say you’re making a commercial, a photo show, or a movie. Having automatic music can save time and allows a single individual to be more empowered. But, like writing, the more that high quality music can be automatically created, the more it crowds out some types of human music. If we think about musicians not in the elite tier (think Beyonce level fame) this kind of competition could be stifling.
Other services already exist to create articles using AI such as Article Forge and AI Writer (as mentioned before). Give either one a headline and they will generate articles automatically. However, they’re a generation behind GPT-33 based on my quick survey. If we look ahead (I’ll say GPT-4 for the sake of argument) it is very clear that high-quality content will be available at breathtaking scale.
“When introducing a dog to a cat, pay attention to the body language of both animals. A good indication that your cat is unhappy is when her ears are stuck back or her tail swings back and forth. Although dogs have lived successfully with cats in the past, it is important to remember that dogs and cats are individuals and each introduction is different.”
Computer scientists are quickly writing the next generation automatic content writing engines using the latest artificial intelligence (AI). What do I mean by content? Well they can generate short stories, love letters, poems, music, and even write some code. Are they as good as human? No, but let’s set old ideas about “robotic” text and bad grammar aside. These new AI bots write like humans. Really. This is just the beginning.




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